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Why the thought of waiting until spring can cost you thousands of dollars

I was reading a great article this morning from our friends at (, on a subject that seems to come up at this time every year, and I wanted to share it with our followers.  The question arises from the decision of a homeowner to sell their house, just as Autumn comes to a close, and Winter quickly approaches.  Should I wait until the Spring to sell my home?  


I would love your feedback on this, and if you are considering making a move, we would love the opportunity to discuss your options and explain the benefits of our unique systems.


Have a great weekend, and please feel free to share your comments and opinions. Want more information on the market data in your current or most desired towns?  Come visit us on Facebook and leave a comment with your current or most desired towns and we will update our site to include your favorites., where we provide regular updates on the most hyper local real estate data available.

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